We score lots of antlers and racks to check for trophy sets so our customers can make more money off of the antlers they have work so hard to get. Below are Boone and Crockett scoring sheets for you to print off if you would like to try it yourself.

Boone and Crockett Scoring Sheets

Typical Elk

Non-Typical Elk

Typical Mule Deer

Non-Typical Mule Deer

Typical Whitetail Deer

Non-Typical Whitetail Deer


Trophy Scores

Below is a list of bottom end trophy scores to compare to. If your set is bigger than or equal to that score we will give you a quote on price. We will score it again before we buy it and make sure everything is good for both parties.

Elk     380″

Mule Deer     180″

Whitetail Deer     150″

Moose     45″ wide