Frequently Answered Questions

What do you guys do with the antler?

  • First we take it to our crafters and whatever isn’t craft grade goes overseas to become medicine.

How do you buy antler?

  • We typically buy antler by the pound unless it is trophy size.

How would a customer buy and sell antlers with the company?

  • Give us a call or text us at 208-403-8636. We will set up a way to make the transaction happen.

How will the customer be paid for sales?

  • We typically just pay with a business check. If you would like cash you must tell us before the bank closes and before we leave to come buy your antler.

Is it possible to buy and sell antlers online?

  • We do sell trophy stuff online but when we buy it must be in person so we can grade it and/or score it and make sure everyone is ok with the transaction.

Does the antler need to be graded by your company before a purchase, or can a third party appraise the antlers?

  • One of our people must do the grading as third party companies may grade differently. We do have a page to reference how we grade so you can get a rough estimate.

Do you buy trophy antler and if so where does trophy start?

  • Yes!
    Elk start at 380″
    Mule Deer start at 180″
    Whitetail Deer start at 150″
    Moose start at 40″ wide
    For a list of trophy scores click here.

Where all do you travel to buy antler?

  • We travel all over the western United States and will travel anywhere with enough antler.

Do you ever end up buying stolen antler?

  • It does happen but we always work with the authorities to the fullest extent even if we lose money.

Where can we find the website where your crafts are sold?

  • Wild West Designs

Do you make dog chews with the antler?

  • No we do not buy antler for chew toys.

How much antler do you guys buy a year?

  • Last year we bought over 80,000 pounds of antler.

When is the busiest season for you guys?

  • January is when whitetail start to drop and thats when our season starts to pick up. For the antler shedding process and dates click here.