When it comes to grading your antler our main concern is the cracking. Color doesn’t matter when it comes to poundage antler, it is all about the cracking. As a side note to our coastal friends where antler doesn’t crack the grading is a little different.

12191629_973912792680857_6373886847409374914_nBrown Antler

Brown antler is good hard antler with no cracking. It doesn’t matter if it’s chewed on, broken, or faded; just NO cracks.

11903697_934943576577779_6842656195298459728_nHard White Antler

Hard white antler has hairline cracking and can still be brown in color or bleached by the sun. Coastal antler will be a little blotchy or starting to turn other colors.

10984276_831415283597276_4294304414613662421_nChalk Antler

Chalk antler will have deep cracks, feel rough, or you can see it turning grey. Coastal antler will have a green bur. This is also the category where antler that has been stained, shellacked, or painted will go.